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Fandom: Arashi
Pairing: Matsuba
Rating: NC-17 (yea... pretty much JUST sex...)
Title: Easter
Author: Reah (Beta'ed bytangiblewhimsy )

AN/: So this originally spawned from a comment fest I had withtangiblewhimsy  on one of her fics where she mentioned Aiba was like the energizer bunny. Well... I took that and made it horribly dirty because I'm a pervert  like that eventually it came to me asking for the porn already and then writing this because I'm avoiding my other one... maybe for Kazapon's actual birthday?

Aiba’s room is slightly cluttered, clothes strewn haphazardly on the floor and one lonely sock mysteriously hanging off the top shelving. Jun doesn’t really want to even contemplate how that got there.  He can hear Aiba moving around his kitchen as Jun walks past the room and leans on the kitchen door frame while Aiba is blowing the yolk out of eggs. Jun is not sure why the older man is doing this but it’s not worth the effort it would take to listen to the answer Aiba would have for the question.  Instead he asks a different question.

“What are you going to do with the actual egg part?”

Aiba looks back at him over his shoulder, Jun can’t help but admire the way it makes his short hair frame his face all the better.

“Actually, I was hoping for omurice.”

Jun should be annoyed that the sheepish look on Aiba’s face doesn’t match the unapologetic look in his eyes. Jun will do it of course, but it’s a little insulting that Aiba assumes he will. He makes an annoyed sound as he snipes at the taller man, even though he doesn't mean it.

“Cook it your self. I’m supposed to be the guest here.”

The reaction is anticipated as Jun feels Aiba pressed hot against his turned back, and the other man’s breathy laughter in his ear as lanky arms drape over his shoulders.

“But MatsuJun does it so much better than I can,” Aiba tells him and he can feel the smile pressed into the crook of his neck. “Please?”

Jun knows without looking that Aiba’s face is pouting and sighs in exaggerated defeat. “Fine. But you are doing the dishes right after.”

Aiba’s hold goes slack but it isn’t fully taken away from Jun’s frame. “I’d like a ketchup heart too!”

Jun smacks him in the face but ends up doing it anyway.

That night Jun steals a pair of Aiba’s sweats to sleep in. After dinner Aiba had collected the egg shells and was starting in on a project with them. Jun ended up with the dishes. TheTV isn’t on and Jun still can’t figure out what Aiba is doing, but he still doesn’t want to ask. He told Aiba he was taking the clothes and going to bed signing the night off as just one of those times where Aiba was too distracted to entertain him (as punishment for this Jun bogarts the bed).  Aiba calls back an affirmative and Jun sighs slightly before climbing in and going to sleep.

When he wakes up after what he’s sure is only a couple hours later, Aiba is there pressing open mouthed kisses to his chest. The older man is naked from the waist up and from the way his jeans are riding tantalizingly low Jun is pretty sure they are going join wherever Aiba’s shirt went. Jun would have protested but he had woken to a hard ache in his abdomen and Aiba creating a wonderful friction with his thigh between Jun’s legs. All Jun can do is gasp and writhe for the moment while his sleep vision is still clearing, because that can be the only explanation for the large rabbit ears sticking off Aiba’s head.

It suddenly becomes clear to Jun however, that the ears are not going away. In fact they are coming into focus as he realizes they are connected to a head band on Aiba. Jun just stills not sure how to process what’s going on when he still doesn’t truly feel awake.

“Aiba what the hell are you doing!?” It comes out slightly outraged but the effect is ruined as he grunts low in his throat in response to the other man’s suction on his skin just above the waist band of the sweat pants.

“Trying to take off my pants.” He doesn’t really clarify if he means his jeans or his sweat pants that Jun has on. Jun’s pretty sure it’s the latter though as Aiba pulls the drawstring loose. But Jun’s not quite finished yet.

“I mean the ears!” He says a little annoyed and a lot agitated as Aiba moves his thigh again and Jun is biting back the noise that threatened to spill out.

“Oooooooh,” Aiba says and chuckles moving up to Jun’s  throat and kissing it lightly. “It’s the fifth of April,” He says like it should explain it all, but realizes it doesn’t from Jun’s confused face. “It’s Easter!”

Jun was still again as he regards the taller man with a stare as if he had grown a second head. “You want to have sex with me because of a Christian holiday?” Jun really doesn’t know where this is going and he doesn’t really feel content to hop down insanity lane with bunny Aiba. But Aiba is laughing a little nasally into his throat again and pulls back to explain.

“No! It was a pagan fertility festival before Christianity, the symbols were hares and eggs,” Aiba doesn’t let Jun’s face deter him again as he moves, unbuttoning his jeans and kicking them off and then hooks his fingers in Jun’s sweats (that really belong to him anyway, he thinks. He’s just claiming them back). Jun starts to protest again but Aiba sighs and covers his lips with his own to get the younger to shut up. “Jun, just enjoy it.”

Jun wants to frown but this makes sense, especially as Aiba pulls off the sweats and moves against his bared length. The skin on skin contact has him shuddering as pleasure pooled into his belly and Aiba is stroking down Jun’s stomach and gripping him softly smiling at the groan it elicited from the other man. Jun tilts his head back on to the pillow and Aiba takes the hint to follow the column of Jun’s neck to his pulse. Aiba can feel as Jun’s hands slid down his sides to return the favor and begin stroking Aiba thoughtfully. Aiba’s head tipped on to Jun’s shoulder as his breathing becomes ragged and matching with Jun’s own pants of frustration and desire.

“Masaki, more.” Jun spoke gripping the taller man’s shoulder fiercely. Aiba is reaching over to the beside table and rummaging around the small drawer there, pulling out the tube of lubricant and a condom. He can feel Jun’s legs draw up impatiently on both sides and he was holding himself up with his arms on either side of Jun’s head. He sets the items to the side and makes a quick thrusting movement drawing out friction that has him groaning and Jun arching in pent up energy. Aiba isn’t one to draw out foreplay but  there is something that is just so seductive and amazing about watching Jun’s body writhe there on the bed. He leans back on his heels and pops the cap on the lube, carefully warming it in his fingers with a smirk gracing his features. Jun doesn’t bother saying anything as Aiba finally circles his entrance, that’s also when he realizes the reason for the smirk as the skin that Aiba draws his fingers over heats unnaturally.

“Aiba!” Warming lube, he knows how sensitive his skin is and he still uses that! Jun isn’t given time to be angry as Aiba presses his forefinger in to the second knuckle. Jun’s next complaints can only come out as a garbled choke from surprise from the intrusion and as he feels it begin to become heated there as well. It’s actually extremely pleasurable but not at all fulfilling. Jun growls softly and arches off the bed as Aiba strokes his length while moving his finger lightly. He stops to let Jun relax his body before adding another digit. It doesn’t really hurt but it certainly isn’t comfortable for Jun as he fights with himself to relax. Aiba is very good though and knows Jun’s body more intimately than almost anyone, with Aiba it’s with extreme care that he stretches him and searches. He finds it as Jun’s body spasms and he moans throwing his head back again. Aiba always catalogues the spot as he rolls the condom on and coat it with the heating lubricant.

Pressing in burns on a multitude of levels. There is the dull pain that Jun is accustomed to, combined with the lube and then Aiba’s hand pulling on him gently and constantly, keeping his body at odds with itself  as he registers both the pain and pleasure. He can hear and feel Aiba’s gasp on his skin as he stops, his hips are slotted into Jun’s; he is completely sheathed in the other man. They both stop as Jun grows used to the full sensation it provides.


Aiba knows it’s time to move when Jun sighs and relaxes around him. Aiba snaps his hips forward causing Jun to moan as he is being simultaneously stroked. He feels Aiba moving him up, so Jun is in his lap and he is thrusting up and pulling a rough cry from Jun each time. Jun studiously keeps his eyes closed in ecstasy but mostly because he doesn’t want to see those damned ears.


He can’t help it because Aiba has his hips in a death hold and isn’t letting him move. Jun’s eyes snap open and he looks down to yell at Aiba’s god awful timing for a conversation. It dies on his lips though because Aiba’s liquid dark eyes are dilated and his mouth is partially open to draw in breath and for some reason the bunny ears are inexplicably hot. Aiba surges forward snapping his hips up as he’s pulling Jun into a searing kiss and adding a perfect twist at the end of Jun’s length, worrying the slit just slightly then stroking firmly again. It’s too much at once, he’s coming undone at the thrusts and heat and strokes and the kiss. Jun suddenly stiffens letting out a silent cry that is swallowed by Aiba, and Aiba feels the hot stickiness running down his stomach as Jun surrounds him in an almost unbearable tightness. Two jerky thrusts and he wraps his arms under Jun’s arms and shoulders pulling him as close as he can and Aiba comes undone with a snap moaning into Jun’s neck.

Aiba doesn’t let go as he collapses forward on Jun. Jun can still feel the heat and can’t help but whine as Aiba pulls out and disposes of the condom by throwing it in the direction of the waste basket. They are both still panting and cooling down and Aiba yanks the covers over them and winds around Jun like a large cat. Except when Jun turns to reflect on this he comes face to face with an ear. He groans and pulls them off while Aiba makes tired protest.

“I just let you fuck me with those on. Don’t push it!” Jun warns and Aiba pouts at him but doesn’t really care.

Suddenly Aiba is laughing softly into Jun’s ear and Jun makes a questioning sound at him.

“Bunnies…” Is all Aiba says as Jun smacks him but doesn’t quite manage to hide his own laugh.


When Jun wakes up that morning, Aiba has an arm slung across his waist and is still snoring softly. He stretches out his arms to wake up and turns onto his back staring up at the ceiling. He stops and stares and snorts in laughter smacking Aiba with a pillow.

“Whizzat…?” Aiba doesn’t really wake just squints bleary eyed at Jun.

“That’s what you were working on last night?” Jun points up to a mobile that Aiba had attached to the ceiling. He had painted the empty eggshells and strung them together to hang above the bed. He remembered what Aiba had said about it being a pagan holiday for fertility, hence the eggs and hares. “Why didn’t you just tell me what you were doing?”

“You think too much.” Aiba managed with a yawn and turned to look at the eggs with a smile.

“Didn’t you have more shells then that?”

“I made one for your apartment too.”



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