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Fandom: Akihabara@DEEP
Pairing: Box/Page (Toma/Kazapon)
Rating: R...
Author: Re (With Beta from her wifey)
Summary: It's all tangiblewhimsy 's fault. I blame her completely. It's @DEEP so crack, but crack that makes sense because that's just @DEEP.


Sometimes Box needed to have things just for himself. Occasionally, it still happened that he would need to take a walk without any of them just to get a little alone time, look at the ero games by himself without Taiko hovering over his shoulder and talking into his ear or Page stuttering into the other. Recently he had begun a new MMO that he was keeping to himself.


He had stumbled onto it while link surfing through sites, taking the links that caught his interest. It had been an accident as he meant to click the link to find out about the new dragon ball MMO coming out in 2008. It was Page's fault as he chose that moment to burst frantically into @DEEP's office door trying to talk haltingly to Izumu, she seemed to get it because she jumped up and they both ran out the door.


Box shook his head as he and the other three went back to their own pursuits. When he looked back he was staring at the screen of a game called “The Ladies Club.” It was made just for women and all the characters were female avatars. Box was not interested right away but he was curious. He was still fighting his fear of women and what better therapy than throwing himself into their world.


And so “PANIC!Box” was born, a shy girl of twenty-four, that was still coming into her own and learning about herself at large. He made a downplayed avatar that took him forever (especially considering he didn't want to come off as a creepy male otaku). The other women in the game were fairly serious about gaming, which was a relief as Box didn't talk to anyone for a month. The community chat was intimidating and covered pretty much everything Box had ever wanted to avoid with real women, from their period issues to rape and suicidal thoughts.


They were so open about everything that after the first time it took him two weeks before he went back and tried again. Another month passed and he found himself with friends on the chat, they called him Doom-chan as he had met them by laying waste to a monster they had been having trouble with. The two he enjoyed the most were iHACK and Knight.


iHACK was at the highest level in the game and Knight was still a beginner. Box found himself identifying with the two of them, and learning about their lives. He was still very careful not to give himself away, if things got graphic or too girly, he played the coy card and didn't give much information as far as opinions went. What surprised him was that Knight had some moments about as bad as him, iHACK made it a point to laugh at their failure of female knowledge.


As much as he enjoyed iHACK for her knowledge, he found he got along better with Knight. She was sweet and tried to cover for him when he was extra stupid. Box felt a little guilty using her but he loved the encouragement that she gave.


Knight: Hey Doom-chan! How was your day?


PANIC!Box: Hey, good. My friends have been a little weird today but that's pretty normal.


The reason @DEEP was acting strangely was because of the changes that Box had made. He was more outwardly friendly towards women, didn't have attacks where he frothed at the mouth anymore and was able to brush off the “real” problems he had.

PANIC!Box: Knight-chan, I really have to thank you. Since meeting you and hack I've gotten over a lot of my shyness. Everyone is noticing.


Knight: That's great! I... have a request and you can say no if you want to, but since we've gotten on so well on here I'd like to meet you for real.


Box went rigid as he stared at the chat screen. He would be first to admit that he had gotten close to Knight, but she still didn't know that he was a guy after all. But then Knight had been a really sweet girl and he felt she had a right to know the truth even if she didn't like him anymore for it.


Knight: Panic?


PANIC!Box: ok




This was a very bad idea, he thought as he approached the park in his colorful clothing. Knight had mentioned she would be dressed up so she would be noticeable at the playground meeting place. There across the way she was sitting in a lolita fashion on the bench, her petite frame enhanced by the poofy skirt. As he quietly walked up on her, he cleared his throat.


Ano, Knigh.....”


The call died on his lips as he saw the face peeking out of the frilly cap in shock.




It had taken almost two hours of explaining from both Page and Izumu, who turned out to be iHACK (“Of course you are!” Box had practically snarled in his utter shock). The entire website turned out to be an experiment.


We were trying to troubleshoot for more of the female populace of Akiba, since Yui's chat has gone down they need another place to go,” Izumu explained as Page tugged on the short skirt. “We didn't expect a guy to bother with that type of website, most of all you.”


Box had calmed down and was seeing the funny side of things at last as he looked at Page. “So I understand most of this, but why is Page in a dress?”


Izumu looked at Page and Page took his turn. “B-b-b-b-bec-c-c-cause y-you l-l-liked, Kn-n-n-night!”


And not iHACK,”Izumu explained out. “We wanted to see Panic's reaction to the website and ask about improving it, but we couldn't send me considering my acting skills and Page-kun was just going to use the computer to communicate with her. Taiko had installed a female voice system for us.”


Wait, so everyone but me was in on this?”


Every time we tried to get your attention you were busy, now it's months of research down the drain. Great job.”


Box almost felt bad but somehow he felt he had been the one abused, here he was trying to be noble and all for nothing. The one that had helped him get over his fear of girls was Page! He wound up sitting outside a little too embarrassed to return to the offices, and a little confused as well. He had liked Knight, he had liked her more than anyone he had met. AND IT WAS PAGE.


There was a small tap on his shoulder and Box leaped from his seat in shock. Page was standing there in the lolita costume looking very guilty. He pulled the hat off ruffling his hair as he blushed and toed the ground. “I-I d-didn't m-m-mean t-” There was a pause as he forced his words out in his usual stutter. “T-to t-trick y-y-y-y-you. S-s-s-s-sorrry!”


Box felt an awkward twitch at the scene and took a step back quickly a little in shock as he squashed that feeling before he had a chance to process it. This was Page after all. “Ah. Don't worry about it, however if we can just keep this to ourselves I'd appreciate it.”


Page nodded quickly and the two retreated to the office. Izumu and Page decided to disregard the data they had collected on Panic and moved on to the next girl they had gathered data on.


It turned out that most girls had actually preferred Page's advice over Izumu's which was funny. What wasn't funny was the damn lolita outfit he wore to meet with the girls. Box would find himself staring however he could analyze his way out of that, what he couldn't analyze was the sudden dreams of having Page pinned under him, flushed and panting with his glasses askew and hair disheveled and the lolita skirt pushed up so their lower halves were fitted against each other.


Box was certain he could have analyzed his way out by saying because Page was a girl in the dream so it was ok. But Page wasn't a girl in the dream. That had definitely been a hard on against another hard on in the dream. Box took to trying not to look at Page when he came into the room dressed that way. He was really hoping they would just finish already, so he would stop ending up crammed into weird places when he saw the other man.


Of course being who he was, he was not discreet about his discomfort in the least bit. Page noticed that his friend was avoiding him and figured he was probably still embarrassed. Showing some foresight he waited for the others to leave the base for dinner out before approaching the other man. Box had dove into his little holed up bed and snapped it up tight when Page and Izumu walked in. He scratched uncomfortably at the lacy neck of the dress but put off changing in favor of speaking with Box. He knocked on the side of the bed and stuttered out his name. When that didn't work he did it louder.


Box winced and finally opened the curtain. “What?” He was annoyed partly because Page wouldn't just leave and also because he was still in the dress that was the whole cause of the problem. The problem was beginning to make itself known too as Page looked at him in surprise at his outburst.


A-a-are y-y-you o-o-o-o-okay?”


Box felt like the biggest jerk ever because he knew Page was just worried. To be fair he had every reason to be worried, but it should have been about himself. Because Box was a pervert having dirty thoughts about him and he had no idea. Taking a deep breath the taller man smiled painfully. “I'm fine, just stressed and tired lately, I have a big project I'm working on.”


Page nodded sympathetically and smiled. “D-do y-you n-n-n-need h-h-h-help?”


Box was going to say no, he honestly was going to turn the offer away and rolled over and ignore the annoying heat in his lower stomach. But the heat had spread to his face as he flushed trying to beat back his embarrassment. Page noticed and his hand flew out to feel his forehead.


A-are y-y-you s-s-s-sick?”


Box nodded and stood batting him away as he simultaneously pushed him towards his normal clothes. “Would you just change already, geez! It's hard talking to you when you look so ridiculous.” This is where the mistake was made. In pushing Page away he didn't give the man enough time to get prepared for the change in direction and the smaller man went down dragging Box with him.


Annoyed again by the uncomfortable jolt between his thighs he tried to scramble up he realized that the other mans grip had fisted tightly in the arm of his shirt. Page was staring, his eyes wide with shock. Box realized the jolt was the other man's soft thigh pressed against his semi-hard member. They both managed to sit back up but their faces were a rare shade of crimson.


Box cleared his throat and Page flinched, the sound loud in the shocked silence. “I...” What could he say here? Finally he stood uncomfortably and shuffled to his bunk, shutting up the curtain with a snap and listening as Page breathed a little louder than normal in his shock. He heard him shuffle away and a door close and Box hid his head in his arms in shame.


A week passed and the data scouring continued. However it was now a joint effort between Box and Page to avoid the other. The other members picked up on the weird tension as well but couldn't get a word of what happened that night that they had all left.


This is ridiculous,” Akira was first to say as they watched the two men come in from opposite sides of the room and then promptly turned to walk back out. “It's not like they have a crush on each other!”


Taiko shrugged in confusion as Daruma crossed his arms in thought. Izumu rested her elbows on her knees looking at the door Page had walked out of. “Page has been acting odd when we're on the job too.”


Someone should just shove the two in a room together,” Everyone looked at Daruma curiously. “Well it works in the movies...” They looked at one another, it was the best plan they had.


The plan was to get them to the maid cafe. Taiko took care of Box. Right after Izumu and Page had left to meet another girl, he invited Box to go out with him. It was simple enough and from there Akira grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him into the cleaning closet.


Box hammered on the door irately. “Let me out! GOD DAMMIT!” As he swore he kicked the door and grunted at the sudden pain that bloomed in his foot. He finally took a seat and tried not to think of everything that had happened recently, he was really no in the mood for whatever the other's had in mind. As he sighed Box brushed back his hair and wished like hell he had never found that damn website.


It was then that he heard a yelp, chairs being knocked over, and then steps as the door flew open and a black lacy object was thrown in by Akira before the door was slammed shut. Page stood up off balance in confusion.


He and Izumu had been meeting up with the others at the cafe and the maids had surrounded him commenting on the lolita outfit that Daruma loudly claimed as his design, all of the sudden he felt the sudden clamp of Akira's hands on the back of his neck and arm and then he was here. And there was Box sitting uncomfortably in the other corner of the closet.


Yo.” Box waived self consciously. He sighed as Page turned his back on him and drew his knees up to his chest facing the door. “Page...”


NO!” Page didn't turn around. He was still uncomfortable and confused about what had happened. He couldn't stop thinking about how Box had been pressed against him like that. What confused him was that he wasn't horrifically disgusted. He didn't really know how he felt about it.


Page, please! I really just want to forget it and go back to normal. I'm sorry!” Box didn't know what else he could say. He could leave but he didn't want to, he'd just squash what he felt and force himself to be normal for his friend.


Now that made Page mad. “Th-th-that's j-j-j-j-j-just r-r-running!” It wasn't fair that Box just forgot when Page didn't think he would ever be able to.


Box started. Did he know how that sounded? If Page wanted to face it then fine, Box would stop when he was told to. “Fine. I won't run if you don't.” The words spilled out a little darkly from the man and Page felt the hair on his neck stand up.




He was cut off by Box's weight on his back and the man's longer arms wrapping around him taking hold of his wrists, nose touching his ear and hot breath ghosting his neck. Page sucked in a breath forgetting to let out as he went rigid against the other man.


No running, right Page?” Box gave him an opening to leave; perhaps this was a bit cruel to ask considering the man's speech impediment. Page seemed to make a choked sound but it was by no means a sign to stop, so Box planted a hesitant kiss where the smaller man's ear met his jaw.


Page's eye's were still wide in shock, but his body was pliant as Box released one wrist and maneuvered Page until his back was pressed against the door. Box stared into Page’s face as he pried the other man’s legs apart with his own, using his opened knees to hold Page's thighs at the distance he wanted. Looking at him he could tell Page had no idea what to do with his hands as they clenched and unclenched at his sides. Box rolled his eyes briefly and took the raven haired boys’ wrists. “Hold on to my shirt. If you want me to stop, just tug.”


 Box smiled as Page's smaller hands curled tightly and nervously into the cloth on his arms. It was awkward as Box leaned forward, sliding his hands up Page's waist, and his fingers crawling over the spectacled boys’ back to release the zipper at the back of the ridiculous costume. Yes it had started the fantasies, but if he really looked into it, this tension had begun back when he thought Page was Knight. Box was attracted to the person as weird as it was. Pulling the top half of the garment off of the smaller man, it was almost a relief to know it was just Page, and not some random person. Page was skinny, which was why the smaller man made a decent girl but he made an even cuter boy. Box was brought back to the moment by the other's gasp for air and the smaller hands moving to his sides, clenching into his shirt there.


Box sat back and shifted slightly, there was a pressing need that was making his pants rather inconvenient. He trailed his hands back to Page's legs. Starting at the knee, he slowly ran his hands up his friend's thighs and under the skirt of the dress. Page's breath got heavier as he moved closer to the core, and then stopped snagged on the leg of his boxers. Box couldn't stop the slight laugh that slipped out as he hooked a thumb inside the shorts and brushed the skin that connected Page's inner thigh with his length, and made the smaller man make a helpless groan in the back of his throat. They needed to adjust but Page was not terribly keen on moving at the moment. It took some convincing and pushing but he finally got the smaller to stand pressed against the door. Box didn't really mind the boxers in his way as the dress pooled around their ankles and he slid a hand over Page's skinny stomach and slightly protruding ribs, he didn't bother with removing the boxers and instead slid his fingers into the elastic waist and gripped him with a soft stroke.


The smaller man made a sudden move and Box felt shy fingers slowly unbutton and pull the zipper to his jeans; he realized how dry his mouth had gotten. He removed his jeans and boxers to his knees and sent a look at Page’s face. He was caught at that moment how this was a standing version of his dream, their hips rubbed lightly as Box caught Page's flushed appearance and harsh breathing. Kissing vaguely sounded like a good idea, but he didn't think he could quite pull that off at this point. Drawing himself up he gripped Page's length and gently pulled, it was enough to elicit a strangled grunt from the man. Box maneuvered so he had room to touch himself when a small hand found its way there instead.


Page’s hand slid down to grip Box as his other hand found the taller man's shoulder as he had sped up. He didn't really know what he was doing but functioned under the basic principle that whatever made him feel good would make Box feel good as well. Neither were particularly vocal, letting out quiet grunts at most as they didn't want to attract attention or embarrass themselves. Page gritted his teeth and hummed as Box stroked down and he found himself thrusting back into the searing hand. Page was first as his tension spilled out panting harshly into Box's shoulder. Box was just seconds after, helping with himself, his own hand forcing Page's to finish him. As he emptied with a low groan he leaned forward into Page's shoulder as well. Both stayed like that until their breathing slowed and longer. Moving meant having to face what happened and deciding what to do about it.


Box pressed his forehead and eyes into Page's neck and spoke finally. “You're my good friend, when I move will that still be true?”


Mm.” Page nodded into his shoulder and they broke apart looking at each other nervously.


They put themselves together which consisted of Box cleaning up with a towel from the shelf and pulling up his shorts and jeans. Page put the dress back on and helped clean the mess on the floor, ignoring the stickiness in his own clothes. They both sat down side by side against the wall opposite the door to wait for the other's to come back.


This doesn't have to change anything between us... maybe we know each other a little better now...”


Page snorted, tired, and nodded. “I-i-i-it's f-f-fine.”


Box smiled because he knew when the door opened they were still friends. “This is probably not something we should talk about in the future.”


Mm.” Page agreed and stretched his shorter legs beside Box's much longer ones (“Did you shave your legs?” “I-i-i-izumu, d-did. Sssaid i-i-it w-was m-m-m-more na-natural.”).


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I stand by what I said last night, I loved it, it was wonderful, but right after you signed off I realized something---You forgot all about Box's gloves. ;o;

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