Nikaido Takashi
About half a year ago, during concert rehearsals Kawai-kun [Kawai Fumito from ABC] said "Here, you can have this" and gave me a pair of jeans. I had respected Kawai-kun as a senior from before, so I was deepy moved. So that day is my important anniversary. But when I tried wearing them, they ripped... (cry). Of course, even now they're an important treasure!

Sooooo.... I LOVE Kawai Fumito and I thought this was hysterical! Nika-chan SERIOUSLY?

Fandom: Arashi
Pairing: Matsuba
Rating: NC-17 (yea... pretty much JUST sex...)
Title: Easter
Author: Reah (Beta'ed bytangiblewhimsy )

AN/: So this originally spawned from a comment fest I had withtangiblewhimsy  on one of her fics where she mentioned Aiba was like the energizer bunny. Well... I took that and made it horribly dirty because I'm a pervert  like that eventually it came to me asking for the porn already and then writing this because I'm avoiding my other one... maybe for Kazapon's actual birthday?

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Fandom: Akihabara@DEEP
Pairing: Box/Page (Toma/Kazapon)
Rating: R...
Author: Re (With Beta from her wifey)
Summary: It's all tangiblewhimsy 's fault. I blame her completely. It's @DEEP so crack, but crack that makes sense because that's just @DEEP.


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